Pad Krapao Gai

Stir-Fried Chicken with Holy Basil Leaves – Thai Food Recipe

(Pad Krapao Gai) This Chicken Basil thai foods recipes is one of the best classics. It made using holy basil which has a slightly hot taste to it but you can use any sort of basil you like. Ingredient 450 grams chicken thighs, cut into bite-size pieces 5 cloves garlic, ...
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Crabs with Glass Noodles in Claypot

(Poo ob woon sen) thaifood-recipe.com cooking in a clay pot is southern Chinese in origin. One popular version uses either crab claws or whole crabs cut into serving pieces, that makes it easy Thai food recipes at home. Although slices of pork fat are normally used, bacon improves the flavor ...
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How to Make Thai Food: Chicken Satay

(Gai satay) Satay are Malaysian-Indonesian dish from Southern Thailand. Recipe for Thai Food is sweet and aromatic from the turmeric and garlic, rather than hot or spicy. This is served with its own satay sauce made with peanuts, coconut milk and palm sugar. The satay can also be served with ...
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Chu Chee Goong Lai

Shrimp in Spicy Coconut Thai Food

(Chu Chee Goong Lai) Curry-like Thai food recipes in which the shrimp are cooked in a spicy coconut milk gravy that gains flavor from the addition of basil. Although large tiger prawns (about 6 per lb) are normally used, smaller prawns or shrimp maybe substituted. Ingredient 1 lb (500 g) ...
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Khao mok gai

Saffron Rice with Chicken

(Khao mok gai) Dishes featuring saffron rice originate from Southern Thailand. Khao Mok Gai often cooked in a big pot and served at special family occasions such as weddings and other religious. Simple Thai Food Recipes makes guests traditionally sit on the floor and eat this dish as part of ...
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Isan Pork Sausage Thai Food

(Sai Krok Isan) Thai Food Recipes for Sai Krok Isan, a Northeastern sausage. It is made from ground pork mixed with salt, chopped garlic and steamed glutinous rice. Ingredient 150 gms Pork Mince 100 gms Sticky Rice 50 gms Galangal 50 gms Lemon Grass 5 Garlic Cloves 3 Coriander Roots ...
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Ped Op Nam Jim Buoy

Chilli Glazed Roast Duck

(Ped Op Nam Jim Buoy) This is about as simple thai food recipes as possible. It uses the spicy sweet chili or plum sauce normally used as spring roll dipping sauce as a glaze and marinade for roast duck! The sauce is perfect to give it a sweet/spicy glaze, and ...
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Green Papaya Salad

(Som tam) This Thai Food Recipe is healthy mixture of raw vegetables is now prepared by roadside vendors all over the county. Som tam captures the essential flavors of Thailand: chili hot, redolent with garlic and fish sauce, and sour with lime juice. Ingredient 5 tablespoons oil 1 cake pressed ...
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Best Thai Food Recipes Blog: Fried Rice Sticks with Shrimp

(Phad thai goong sod) Pad Thai is another perfect vegetarian dish, just omit shrimp and substitute soy sauce for fish sauce. Recipe for Thai Food and the ingredients listed below can be somewhat intimidating but many are optional. If you would like to make authentic Pad Thai, just like in ...
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Chicken and Coconut Soup

(Tom kha gai) This recipe for thai food balances the sweetness of coconut milk and fragrance of galangal, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass, with the salty fish sauce and the sour taste of lime juice. The fried chillies add a smoky flavor as well as texture, colour and heat, but ...
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